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The Lender Design Membership, offered at just $99 per year, provides highly-professional mortgage loan officer marketing tools at a superior value. Once you become a member, you will have unlimited access to hundreds of mortgage marketing tools, including: Mortgage Flyers, Open House Flyers, Marketing Newsletter Postcard / E-newsletter, Mortgage E-mail Marketing (e-flyers / e-cards / etc.), Mortgage Postcards, Relationship Letters, Customizable Flyers / Postcards and many other Mortgage Marketing Tools.

More about Lender Design: Lender Design is a professional graphic design firm that specializes in the design of personalized marketing tools for mortgage professionals. The designs created by Lender Design are agency-quality and highly-professional. If you compare Lender Design's flyers and postcards with those of our competitors, it will be easy to see that Lender Design's materials offer a more professional look. Marketing flyers and postcards that are more professional looking are taken more seriously by the audience they target. When you look more professional, you also look more credible, trustworthy and confident. As a result, your audience will take you more seriously and believe you are better able to fulfill their needs than your competition that projects a less professional image.
Lender Design is owned and operated by Jeff Murray, the former Senior Graphic Designer for the Wells Fargo Home Mortgage Personal Marketing Group. Jeff (doing business as Lender Design) has been developing and designing mortgage marketing flyers and postcards since 1995. After spending a number of years working for one of the largest, most successful mortgage companies in the nation, Jeff possesses a great amount of specific mortgage marketing knowledge and experience that is very difficult to find in any other company offering mortgage flyers and postcards. Working for a major mortgage company has also prepared Jeff to provide effective mortgage marketing tools that meet most every compliance requirement. Lender Design offers you an advantage you likely won't find in Lender Design's competition... The combination of professional agency-quality flyers and postcards, compelling original content, effective unique concepts and a strong awareness of compliance / legal requirements.
More about the Lender Design Membership: The Lender Design Membership offers you unlimited access to more than 400 unique loan officer marketing tools to help you earn more business. Included in the Lender Design Membership are marketing flyers, informational flyers, relationship letters, marketing postcards, newsletter postcards, relationship postcards, e-mail marketing tools and much, much more. Using (and benefiting from) the Lender Design Membership is extremely easy. As a member, you will have your own "profile" where you can enter and save your personal contact information, photo and company logo. Each time you download an item, the information stored in your profile is automatically inserted into the item. Therefore, the downloaded item is completely ready-to-go. If you download a print item, it can be opened or saved as a high-quality PDF file and if you download an e-mail item, it will be delivered to your e-mail inbox ready to send to your list. No extra time is needed to insert information or data.
Mortgage Marketing Flyers by Lender Design give you a HUGE competitive edge over others who design their own marketing flyers, open house flyers and loan comparison flyers, because the Lender Design mortgage marketing flyers look so much more professional. Additionally, instead of wasting your time designing your own flyers, you will have more time to dedicate to closing loans, networking with referral partners or any other productive business-boosting task. Lender Design marketing flyers are pre-written and pre-designed, so when you download them, they are ready to print or e-mail out. It doesn't get any easier. Some of the topics of flyers you will find in the Lender Design Membership include: Open House Flyers, Loan Scenario Flyers, FHA Marketing Flyers, USDA Marketing Flyers, Renter Flyers, Refinance Flyers, Reverse Mortgage Flyers, Newsletter Flyers, Property Listing Flyers, Educational Flyers, 203(k) Program Flyers, Homebuyer Tax Credit Flyers, and many more.
More than just Mortgage Flyers... Lender Design also offers mortgage marketing postcards. Lender Design offers two sizes of postcards: Large size (5" x 8.5") and Small size (4.25" x 5.5"). Both sizes are provided on a letter-sized sheet (2 per sheet for the large size and 4 per sheet for the small size). This allows you to print the postcards using your own equipment or you can outsource to a commercial print shop. Postcards offer a great alternative to mortgage flyers, because they don't need to be folded or stuffed into an envelope. Therefore, postcards may cost less to produce and send out. Lender Design's postcards are simple, yet effective. The goal of the postcards is to inspire the audience to take action, contact you. Therefore, Lender Design postcards are not designed to provide a lot of information. On average, your postcard will receive about three minutes of exposure, so your message needs to be quick and easy to read and you need to be easy to identify. Lender Design postcards help you accomplish your direct mail goals by offering eye-catching designs, compelling headlines, just the right amount of information and your photo and/or contact information is displayed where your audience can quickly and easily identify you.
Open House Flyers / Loan Scenario Flyers are included (free of additional charges). Unlike the competition, Lender Design does not charge extra for Open House Flyers. This saves you at least $200! In addition to not charging extra, Lender Design's open house flyers offer an ultra-professional design that is likely to please even the pickiest Real Estate Agents. Creating your open house flyers is very simple... Just enter your data and your flyer is ready. All of the data you enter in your flyers is saved in our database, so if there is a price change or interest rate change, you can easily edit the saved information without needing to re-enter it again. You can create as many loan scenario flyers as you need (unlimited).
Mortgage E-mail Marketing / Mortgage E-flyers / Mortgage E-cards: Lender Design keeps packing the value into the Lender Design Membership by offering true HTML email marketing tools. And again, these materials are offered free of additional charges. Lender Design's mortgage e-flyers and e-cards are carefully designed to enhance deliverability and clear through spam filters. Furthermore, Lender Design has implemented many industry best practices to help ensure you get the best results from your e-mail marketing efforts. All of our email marketing items are created using HTML code, so your e-flyers and e-cards are visible in the e-mail message, without the need to send an attachment. Furthermore, all of the images included in the e-flyers and e-cards are linked to the Lender Design website, which means your messages are very small (15KB to 20KB). This is very important, because if you are sending your e-flyers or e-cards using Outlook, and the images are imbedded in the message, your message file size can be up to 10 times larger (150KB to 200KB). Why is this important? Well, if you are sending out 100 messages at once, then it's the difference between sending 1500KB (1.5MB) - 2000KB (2MB) and 15,000KB (15MB) - 20,000 (20MB). Most ISP's will not even allow you to send a 20MB e-mail and if they do, they usually are not very happy when your e-flyer or e-card creates a huge bottle-neck problem for their email server. It's just not a best practice to send your email flyers with the images embedded. Lender Design is your best choice for mortgage email marketing tools, including mortgage e-flyers (or eflyers) and e-cards (or ecards).
The Mortgage Newsletter Postcard (Newspostcard) are another great Lender Design innovation that is also included in the Lender Design Membership free of additional charges. You could expect to pay anywhere from $29 - $59 per month just for a newsletter design. That comes out to $348 - $708 per year when you add up 12 months worth of newsletters. Newspostcards are just as effective as newsletters and most importantly, newspostcards cost much less to produce and send out. The purpose of a newsletter is to let people know you are still in business and can serve their needs. It is not necessary to create a large format newsletter that contains information that most people don't want to and refuse to read to let people know you are still available to serve them. The newspostcard by Lender Design accomplishes this task for a fraction of the price and without your audience needing to open an envelope or rip a tab. They simply see the postcard and can easily and quickly identify you.

*Only select items (not all) are available in e-mail format.